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June 6th, 2017

We recently had some errrors list on the homepage of our site, that even the developers weren’t familiar with. In getting tech support, so we could even log onto our site, they had to unplug plugins. What does that mean? We asked ourselves the same questions! It means, several of our links are not working, including our brochure, some videos and our global market cart to name a few. We are in pursuit of a new partner to assist with these glitches, as well as make some upgrades.

Thank you for your paitience. We’ll get it worked out this summer, we are sure.

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We hope you are making wonderful summer memories!

Trees & Forests of the World- 19th Exchange

April 19th, 2017

As we drive from Accra to Ho in Ghana, we see a lush green landscape, covered in groves of mangos and avocados, palms and baobabs reaching above the groves, and many other trees filled with fruits. So much is in season for this exchange, and the nourishment that these provide is one of many offerings that we discussed as we explored the topic of Trees and Forests of the World.

Teachers and students alike gained a deeper gratitude for the lungs of our planet, and the biodiversity that fills these incredible biomes. The most intriguing lesson outlined how certain fungi form intricate networks underground between trees; scientists have recently discovered that trees of different species send assistance and nutrition to any ailing trees that are connected through these hidden networks. We were struck that this scientific discovery relates so powerfully to the root of all of our lessons: everything is interconnected, and there is great value in diversity and there is strength when everyone works together for the betterment of all – be that a forest, or our human family.

The artwork shared in this exchange was among some of the finest. We look forward to sharing it along with positive messages as we reconnect with our U.S. classrooms in April and May. Visit our blog for more stories and images about our successful 19th exchange and the special treat of having a long time CIH Partner Teacher, Debbie Bolon-Feeney, with us.

Spring Sale in Savannah March 29th

March 27th, 2017

Wednesday, March 29th  from 5-9- Spring Sale in Savannah

Herb River Bend Clubhouse, 6407 LaRoche Avenue

The talented Lauren Womack Milmine Designs is hosting a Spring Sale to benefit Children Inspiring Hope. She is donating 25% of her sales from the evening! Take a look at her line here, there are many beautiful items, some of which include our designs. J. Paige boutique will also have spring fashion avaiable and donate 10-15% of her sales.

Since we are just back from Ghana, we have new beautiful napkins for your spring tables and picnics! We also have our popular recycled glass bracelets and necklaces, and other items handmade in Ghana.

Reconnections- Exchange 18 Near Completion

December 20th, 2016


Of all our interactions in the classrooms, the reconnection in the US after the first exchange of the school year is always a favorite. The students move from the conceptual idea of their artwork being in the hands of others across the globe, to seeing it in our short documentary videos. Mouths hang open, eyes sparkle and widen, and excitement builds to a crescendo when they each hold a piece of art created by a child in Ghana, West Africa. As they begin to soak in and share the artwork, positive comments abound about how beautiful the art is, what good artists the kids are, and how neat their handwriting is. Ghana no longer exists solely as a place on the map; it becomes the residence of a new friend. The exchange opens a unique pathway in their minds and hearts. The students see their shared humanity and they begin to look at their world through new lens and with a deepened understanding because of the newly discovered context for comparison and reflection. The soil is richer after this first exchange, with new invisible threads of connection, and opens new avenues for exploration in the new year.


Holiday Sale Tonight- Savannah

November 16th, 2016



Is it really this time of year already? Like it or not, the holidays are upon us. Lucky for you, we have meaningful gifts, most of them $10-20, that are handmade and give back. We work with over 25 aritsans in Ghana, that make beautiful and vibrant bags, bracelets and jewelry. For many of them, it supports putting their children and grandchildren in school. It also help with our operating costs for providing cross-culutral programming, and bridging students over 6,000 miles away. The brillant colors, and purchasing with a purchase, will add color to the coming winter days. See you soon!

Julie Wade’s Home

3410 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31405

(just off Abercorn and 51st, the corner house facing the park.)