Empty Bowl Dinner Nov. 16th

November 8th, 2017

November 16th, St. Andrew’s School in Savannah.

Join us for a lovely evening of sharing stories of Children Inspirnig Hope. Beautiful bowls handmade by St. Andrew’s seminar class, 7th and 2nd graders are available for only $20. Paul Kennedy Catering will be filing your bowl of choice with soup.

Children Inspiring Hope will have newly purchased handmade items from Ghana for sale, a perfect jumpstart for your holiday gift lists. Giving gifts that give back!

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20th Exchange underway

October 19th, 2017

TWENTY! Next week, the CIH team will bridge students in the U.S. with students in Ghana for the 20th time. We certainly feel like this milestone is worthy of celebration, and hence chose the theme of Celebrations and Traditions of the World. We shared some about our origin, and the first projects, while also exploring with students the origins of our celebrations and traditions. The students shared, and reflected at home with family, their own traditions which they have created around celebrations.

No matter where you live in the world, all culutres celebrate. We decorate, light fires, give gifts, gather together, and as they sing- eat, drink and be merry.

Students created diverse projects, from maps with puzzle pieces in Savannah, Peace Flags in Colorado, or shared family traditions, and holdiay symbols reflecting kente cloth in Atlanta, to name a few. As we share in Ghana, and come back with photos and videos, students have the opportunity of comparative context to see deeper within their own culture and values, while also the shared humanity of the ways, and reasons, we celebrate life.

We are looking forward to celebrating the recent marriage of our Chief of Staff in Ghana, Kelvin to Laticia. We also look forward to having long-time partner teacher from Cliff Valley School, Eileen Stone, sharing the journey with us this time.

New School Year, New Service Projects

July 29th, 2017

Wishes don’t change the world; it’s actions that do the business!” – Ayivor

This fall, we will be conducting our 20th exchange! Our theme will be Celebrations and Traditions. In the Spring, we will return to one of the most important environmental issues of our time- Water. We are embarking on creating more opportunites for students,familes, and schools that want to take the next step with their knowledge and compassion to create positive social change.

We will continue to expand our scholarship program, giving students a Chance to Learn. Numbers coming soon on sponsorship categories: Lower Primary, Upper primary, JSS and SS- which will also include school supplies and uniforms.

We are also working on plans to complete school rooms. This summer, enginerring estimates were gathered, meetings conducted with elders and teachers, and next week- the Sokode-Bagble community as a whole, on creating Room to Grow– completing three classrooms. There have been over 50 students in a room. We will help give teachers room to teacher, and students room to grow! Details coming soon on our inital goal of $4,500 to get started, with breakdowns as low as $12.50 for a roofing sheet. Tangible giving, for tangible change.

Lastly, we have been in ongoing discussions in building collaborative alliances- cross-culutrally, and cross-discplines- working toward a solution to getting clean Water to Drink. After attending Rotary Internationl gathering in Atlanta this summer, and talking with their water experts, we determined we would immediately- our October trip- bring a temporary filter solution to each family. We will continue working on the longer-term solution of piping in a single source gathering pipe for clean water. Phase 1: Just $50 for a family to have clean water!

If you are interested in being a part of our team, or supporting these service projects, please email Amy at amy@childreninspiringhope.org

You can also make a donation by clicking here

Website glitches

June 6th, 2017

We recently had some errrors list on the homepage of our site, that even the developers weren’t familiar with. In getting tech support, so we could even log onto our site, they had to unplug plugins. What does that mean? We asked ourselves the same questions! It means, several of our links are not working, including our brochure, some videos and our global market cart to name a few. We are in pursuit of a new partner to assist with these glitches, as well as make some upgrades.

Thank you for your paitience. We’ll get it worked out this summer, we are sure.

If you have an recommendations we gladly accept them. You can email Amy at amy@childreninspiringhope.org


We hope you are making wonderful summer memories!

Trees & Forests of the World- 19th Exchange

April 19th, 2017

As we drive from Accra to Ho in Ghana, we see a lush green landscape, covered in groves of mangos and avocados, palms and baobabs reaching above the groves, and many other trees filled with fruits. So much is in season for this exchange, and the nourishment that these provide is one of many offerings that we discussed as we explored the topic of Trees and Forests of the World.

Teachers and students alike gained a deeper gratitude for the lungs of our planet, and the biodiversity that fills these incredible biomes. The most intriguing lesson outlined how certain fungi form intricate networks underground between trees; scientists have recently discovered that trees of different species send assistance and nutrition to any ailing trees that are connected through these hidden networks. We were struck that this scientific discovery relates so powerfully to the root of all of our lessons: everything is interconnected, and there is great value in diversity and there is strength when everyone works together for the betterment of all – be that a forest, or our human family.

The artwork shared in this exchange was among some of the finest. We look forward to sharing it along with positive messages as we reconnect with our U.S. classrooms in April and May. Visit our blog for more stories and images about our successful 19th exchange and the special treat of having a long time CIH Partner Teacher, Debbie Bolon-Feeney, with us.