spring 2016

Food: Who Is Your Farmer?


Food: Who is your Farmer? Gallery


Our Spring Exchange turn our focus from our interconnectedness in human stories to the environment. We will take a deeper look at something we all share on Earth, our connection to the environment through food.


  • Give a comparative context of how culture, geography and climate influence food.

  • Deepen consciousness on where food comes from-the process from farm to table.

  • Increase critical thinking across disciplines seen through lens of environment, culture, health, government, culture and ethics.

  • Collaborate cross-culturally in sharing environmental solutions to challenges.

  • Utilize creativity in communication of message for Earth stewardship.

  • Recognize interdependence for food.


Beyond Old McDonald On The Farm: Looking Through Different Lens

  • Geographic/Environmental lens
    • Environmental impact of food, Chemicals/pesticides, Water usage, Transportation, Overfishing
  • Governmental/economic lens of food
    • Policies and subsidies, Trade tariffs, Who controls water- watersheds
    • Land ownership
    • The challenges of small farmers making a living growing food
  • Culture
    • How does culture influence what we eat?
    • How does the media influence what we eat?
    • Advertising?
  • Ethical
    • For the first time in history people are overeating (2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese), while others are still starving. What creates this disparity?
    • How does the diet of poverty different from the diet of affluence?
  • Health
    • what is creating obesity issue in US.
    • What is creating malnourishment in the developing world?

Essential Questions

What are you eating? Is it in season?

Who is your farmer?

Where is your food grown? -Local, cross continental, international

What is community supported agriculture?

What does the farm look like?- Ocean, size of farm

How is it grown?- Organic versus inorganic; cages or free range

What does it take to get from the farm to your table? How many people are connected to your food?

Can food be medicinal?

What are family traditions you have around food? What are cultural influences on food?