Connecting children globally, making a world of difference. 



Children Inspiring Hope connects children cross-culturally, twice a year, through arts and education projects based on our shared humanity, peace building, and Earth stewardship. 


Fall 2018

Citizens of Earth. We all share this beautiful blue and green planet, orbiting around the sun. In the first exchange of the year, we look at our shared humanity, by exploring with each student their gifts they bring to us all. It is the beginning of an experiential learning journey...

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Spring 2019

Our Impact as Citizens of Earth through the lens of our Consumption and Waste. Our spring focus always turns to the natural world, and our interconnectedness to the environment. “We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”- Native American Proverb 

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Our Reach.

Since 2008, Children Inspiring Hope has connected over 6,000 students in Canada, Ghana, West Africa, and the United States. We have collaborated with over 225 educators in more than 35 schools, and built lasting relationships in the communities in which we work.


Service Projects

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I’m thankful for the important things that we learned about our students during each opening circle. That process of making space- by holding hands and connecting our hearts to the cause- was incredibly powerful. I love that it gives each and every student the chance to be heard.
— Erin Andrews