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Making connections

Our Process

Children Inspiring Hope connects children cross-culturally, twice a year, through arts and education projects based on our shared humanity, peace building, and Earth stewardship. Student driven projects, photos, and documentary videos bridge hearts and minds.

Being connected to others and to the natural world is a catalyst for compassion, collaboration, and a broader sense of community.Programming and service projects enable participants to see beyond their own cultural lens and creates a pathway for understanding, empathy, and positive change.

Coming soon: Water is Life- Spring 2018



Fall 2017 - Celebrations and Traditions

Spring 2017 - Trees & Forests of the World

Fall 2016 - One World, Many Stories



15 Minute CIH documentary:

Teacher Testimonials

The second environmental themed exchange really enhanced our school’s place-based, and environmentally conscious curriculum. We also discussed global impact on our environment. This gave students a real worldview of Africa and the problems we share.
— Leslie Rosenberg, Summit Charter School
I am reminded that children are children around the world. The circumstances of our lives as not as important as the human factor. Children Inspiring Hope emphasizes the commonalities we share, the parts of life that are truly important- caring, helping, stewardship. Children are indeed our hope.
— Emily Calhoun, St. Andrew’s School
This was a highlight of my academic career.
— Greg Chagnon, Paideia School
It has made me know that children are special and should be given the chance to express their feelings, especially through art. Emotionally the students are more confident and educated. It has widened their knowledge.
— Anita, EP Primary Ho-Bankoe
It enables our students to communicate in English. It helps the students to earn more about the environment.
— Leena, EP Primary Ho-Bankoe