14th Exchange Underway

P3 SAS 3 Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise. - Horace

There are few things more exciting than walking into the classrooms in Ghana and being greeted by children rising out of their seats lifted by their joy and excitement. Second best, is talking to those directly that have just experienced it. Kelvin and Gershon’s voices were buoyant today, as their hearts have again been touched by the connections and wisdom shared between the children in the US and Ghana.

They started yesterday in Leena’s P3 classroom at EP Primary Ho-Bankoe, somewhat of a homeroom within our home base. Throughout the years, Leena has lead the cultural dancers and drummers group, as well as co-lead the Leaders Group with us, so our connection to her is unique. Her students are participating for the first time this year, and Kelvin reports they have been the highlight of the first two days. He shares, “the looks of excitement on their faces as I rolled out the poster… it was wonderful. You’ll see it on the video.” They eagerly started their work on their own poster to share with St. Andrew’s 2nd graders in Savannah.

  In addition to the sweetness of the little ones, Kelvin was elated to share about Rebecca, a P6 student that he and Gershon had to strategize on how to not have her monopolize the class, in a good way. Kelvin shared, when we asked the kids define diverse, diversity and stereotypes, Rebecca jumped up to respond as if she herself had prepared the lesson. Kelvin shared, her responses were like straight out of a dictionary. I said to myself, wow, this is AMAZING! When we spoke to Gershon he added, we thought these concepts might be difficult for them. We were amazed at what they shared with us. Thank you for this opportunity.

They expressed what a warm greeting they had on campus from the new Head Mistress, and that the campus felt back-to-normal again. It was a highlight of our day to hear from them, and palpably feel their excitement. Stay tuned, more soon!