15th Exchange Underway

We are underway, in the sweetest way. Our first classes up in Ghana are our youngest participants, P3 classes at EP Primary Ho-Bankoe. While they are new to Children Inspiring Hope, there faces are familiar to us, as they have been chasing us in the school-yard for years. There is fullness in the room from their eagerness for first time working with our American & Ghanaian team. They embue their own light which brightens the darkened rooms, which was illuminated higher, as if the dimmer switch was lifted, as their eyes opened wide in awe of the coffee filter water mandalas from Summit Charter School. They nearly leaped from their seats as we showed them how the water seeped through, taking the color from one layer to the next, creating a beautifully colorful symmetrical wonder. I think the team as nearly as excited watching their excitement as the kids were experiencing it! The Head Teacher even joined in to make her own.

IMG_5547 IMG_5555

We continue deeper under the surface as we work with Leena’s group and they receive the snorkel faced photos with fish and letters from 2nd graders at St. Andrew’s School. This class, in the hindsight of all other lectures, gave some of the most creative responses and engaged discussion of the week! They are paired well, as back in Savannah, their counterparts are just as impressive in their engagement- hearts and minds. Our hearts are full from a day getting underway, and anticipation for the week before us.