Celebrating 10 Years of Connections

Ten years ago this month we were on the ground in Ghana for our exploratory trip to see if the concept of Children Inspiring Hope was viable. We set out with the hope that making tangible connections with students cross-culturally through arts, around discussion of our shared humanity and being stewards of the Earth, could make a difference. Could this seed be part of creating more compassionate citizens of the world?

The answer was a resounding YES, with nearly 100% of students surveyed, year after year, reporting they feel empowered as global citizens that can, and will, contribute to a better future for us all. This is most highly reflected in the shifts in consciousness, gaining a sense of place, and giving back to others that we care about.

We have grown and deepened our understandings of the challenges of cross-cultural collaborations. The bumpy roads at times strengthened our resolve in the value of perseverance, and the long haul that creates change. We are humbled by the volunteers that have traveled with us to bridge thousands of children, and grateful beyond measure to the donors that make this possible.

We are on course for our 10th year to have the greatest impact yet! Follow along with the progress of our service projects, and join the journey. We can say full heartedly, it will expand your heart and enable you to be a part of the grassroots for a more hopeful tomorrow.

We have just launched a new website that more concisely, and in a mobile friendly way, the many ways to be connected and contribute.