World Water Day

World Water Day.png

Today is World Water Day and we are working to make a difference in the Volta Region of Ghana! Our Chief or Operations, with other community service workers, are delivering another round of 50 water filtration systems, which will provide clean water to over 300 people (we’ll have exact impact numbers soon). This is a temporary solution, while working with aiding the community in advocacy skills to empower them to influence their local decions makers for a more permanent solution.

Worldwide, over 884 million people don’t have access to clean water! When we talk about numbers that large, in the media or in our schools, those numbers tend to create a paralysis of enormity. How can we, as indiviuals, really impact a humantarian issue on this scale? Well, we do it one at a time. Small gestures on our end, make life changing changes for another. We are thrilled that the majority of the filters being delviered today were funded by the efforts of students at St. Andrew’s School, Vail Mountain School and Holy Inncoent’s Episcopal School!

Part of our team’s focus for our 23rd Exchange in Ghana, was an added project of sharing deeper the human story, via interviews primarily with our scholarship recipients, and partners. We will be working in the year to come on these videos to give a human face to what water scarcity really means in the day-to-day lives of our brothers and sisters. With education and empathy, we recognize we can be a powerful part of the global community, and make a true difference. Will you join us?

Click here to help with our next delivery of filters, or the bore hole we are now focused on installing at EP Primary Ho-Bankoe.

Amy Nedriga