A Wellspring of Hope

One who sees something good must narrate it. -Uganda proverb

At Children Inspiring Hope we expect children to do innovative, creative, amazingly inspiring things; it is fundamentally who we are. We believe our role it to create the fertile ground for their ideas to grow strong and bare fruit. Sometimes, even we are taken back by the generosity of children. This is one of those times.

Ellery is one of 4 CIH students whom we are proud to highlight. She shares, “Children Inspiring Hope motivated me and 3 of my friends to raise money for a well so that people like our friends in Ghana could have access to the basic necessity of clean drinking water.” Ellery, Leah, Ben and Daniel- 8th graders at Paideia in Atlanta- were not satisfied with using their newly gained knowledge about the global water crisis only in their creative PSA’s sent to their friends in Ghana, they wanted to make a bigger impact. They started a blog as part of an action project in their Race, Class and Gender course, linking several concepts together, opening with this comment: “As we’ve researched in our studies through Children Inspiring Hope, the water crisis facing the world today is a globally economic and social problem.” They began researching NGOs building wells and started a fundraising campaign to raise $4,500. In 6 short weeks, they surpassed their goal!

Rather than just compassionately bare witness to the suffering in the world, Ellery, Leah, Ben and Daniel used their intellectual, emotional and creative capacity to diminish part of the problem. In the next 6 months to a year (we will let you know when it happens), a village of 250 people in Sierre Leone will receive a water well through The Water Project. We are sure you all will agree, these are truly children inspiring hope!