Artists Giving Circle- Lettee's

Almost 20 years ago, while studying art at the University of Alabama, Winslett Watson began designing and selling colorful tees that celebrated parties and life for friends, college students, and locals. Although many things have changed through the years, that concept of capturing the spirit of time for individuals through her personalized designs and colorful products remains at the core and success of her company, Lettees®.
Lettees® is a working studio in Savannah, Georgia. They specialize in original designs, personalized items, and recycled tee accessories for babies, children, adults and the home. Lettees Recycled Tee Accessories© are each hand crafted and creatively incorporate recycled tees or another jersey knit product into each unique item. Most recently, Lettees has partnered with Children Inspiring Hope to help raise funds in support of our mission by incorporating our handmade glass beads from Ghana into a line of beautifully crafted jewelry pieces.  Click here to see and shop Lettee's CIH collection.
Lettees Mission Statement: 
In Pursuit of Global Happiness:
by recognizing and respecting every person as a unique and special individual though our personalized products, by reducing waste with our recycled tee accessories,
and by caring for others through our fundraising efforts and our partnerships in support of nonprofits.