Arts on the Marsh

We reconnect with St. Andrew’s School this Friday, reminding us of our declaring Friday to be “Fun Friday” while we were in Ghana, and are excited to be on the coast at the end of these week of exchanges across Georgia. Two large groups of 2nd, 3rd, 7th and 8t graders gather to see the films and receive their projects. The projects reached several schools and a village, and the students were glued to seeing their projects spread so far and wide. As we continue to observe, there is a powerful exchange among all the students and teachers, young and old alike, as they receive the letters, drawings, and colorful pouches in return from you all at Prince of Peace, Ziavi, EP Primary in Ho and Sokode-Bagble. You all have done a phenomenal job of sharing your humanity!

The first annual Arts on the Marsh was a great success, enabling us to share more with the parents the impact their children have had on the students in Ghana. The colorful bags and beads moved rapidly, helping us to cover some expenses for the travel to make this cross cultural exchange possible.

Thank you Mrs. Jeanie Knight for being such a Super Star teacher and going above and beyond with your projects! Thank you also to Mrs. Stubbs, Mrs. Beckman, Mrs. Connor, and Mrs. Keine for the colorful pouches and crayons which have added so much excitement and color to these village children’s lives.