Awesome, AWESOME

SAS 2nd reconnection Some of the final classes to connect before the holiday were at St. Andrew’s School in Savannah, Georgia. The 5th and 6th grade choral group, only partially present on this day due to holiday activities, huddled closely glued to the screen. Most of them have participated before, but there is a new student in the class, that they are quick to share with. Smiles fill their faces as they see their own on the computer screen in Ghana. Veronica’s students are huddled around the computer, and one smaller boy is smiling and giggling at the images of US children singing. His laughter is contagious, in Ghana and across the ocean.

The second graders have a special energy about them. Dillion starts the opening circle with he feels “AWESOME.” As we move around the circle, there are more awesome, and double awesome, all given with enthusiasm. As they watch opening circles in Ghana, there is a smaller tone in the classroom that day. It is before break, so many of them share they are hungry, some are sad, some are tired and others are happy. We find this variety of emotional expression awesome, even though unusual. So often in Ghana, everyone shares “we are fine”- whether they are or not. Part of our goal in working with emotional intelligence is the ability to speak what you feel, and be able to recognize and accept that in others. The classes sharing such a range that day is progress in our minds!

Both classes enjoyed seeing the celebrations in Ghana. The Choral group is hoping to learn one of the holiday songs sung in Ewe. They figure, if they can learn in our language, we can also try in theirs. We look forward to that!

As we take a break for the holidays, and reflect on this year, we wish all of you an awesome holiday!