Back to School

SAS Grade 2

We love going back-to-school. We have none of the dread that many kids, parents and teachers often feel about the end of the summer. We prefer to be connected to the heart of our work - the children.

Today didn’t disappoint. We began with Mrs. Keine and Mrs. Beckman’s 2nd grade class at St. Andrew’s School in Savannah, Georgia. It was clear immediately that this small group was inquisitive and engaged. Before long, their hearts opened while they brainstormed ideas about what they wanted to create as a reflection of Our Diverse World, but in particular, what makes them unique.

Zoe shared, we are all different but our hearts are the same. This opened the door for others hearts to also open. Walker shared, our hearts are connected, but we live apart. Students have lived in or are from at least 6 different countries, spanning several of our world's continents. Some beautiful ideas were shared, and at the end of class Walker commented, this is the most fun I have had all year. Mrs. Kiene shared, we have learned a lot about our students today. This class has set a heartfelt tone for our Fall 2014 exchange which, we are so happy to say, is finally underway.