Crossing the Ocean

We have arrived safely, and already heard that cardinal Ghanaian "You Are Welcome" many times. It didn't take past the cargo doors opening to be reminded Africa is HOT! , as our beloved seamstress Clara says. We met an array of wonderful people on the way. The Delta carrier in Atlanta is from Cape Verde and had just received photos of his newborn baby girl. He is finishing school in filmmaking and is interested in the project and documentary work. There was literally no line through security, and I had a wonderful conversation with a young Morehouse student who is also an illustrator and published his first children's book. The Delta agents had been to Ghana, and we had a lovely conversation about the people and CIH. The gate area had a joyous and casual feel to it, not often the case on these full flights. Boarding was a breeze.

I was seated next to a man that attended Senior Secondary in none other than (go ahead and guess)... Ho. He was shocked to hear we were working there. I learned a good many things from him, including that when he was in Ho, water was a huge issue. Everyone had to walk 2 km to get in the queue twice a day. Kelvin confirmed this as well when we drove from the airport.

Water, our most valuable and essential resource that sustains all of life is our focus for this Earth Stewardship exchange. We live on a planet that is over 70% water, yet less than one percent of this is available for drinking. There are a billion- yes, shockingly billion with a “b”- people that do not have access to clean drinking water. Our smooth arrival and synchronistic encounters seem to be a go sign for the weeks ahead.