Dear Mother Earth

“UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Its not.” – The Lorax, Dr. Suess

In our first week of exchanges, we introduced Ms. Green’s 4th graders at HIES project with Anita’s class. While the school yard was filled with the rest of the school children playing in Friday games, these students stayed captivated with hearing the story of the Lorax translated. Brightly colored construction paper and letters to Mother Earth where the projects shared between these classes, inspired by the message of the Lorax. A highlight for these students was using scissors and all the design paper.

  We were impressed by the concerns expressed by these 4th graders, and the sincerity and heartfelt messages they wrote in their letter to Mother Earth. Their words speak for themselves…

  Dear Mother Earth,

  “I am very sorry to say that stealing the forest is a bad things. I just want to help you, I want peace to be in the world.” – Mighty

  “I want to inform the people of my community to stop polluting please.” – Alie

  “Try to stop bushfire. Stop bushfire birds are worried. When they lay their eggs in the trees, the fire spoils their eggs. S please people, let’s come together and stop bushfire. “ – Flora

  “I want to inform the people to stop polluting the rivers because without water we will all die and the crops will dry up and we won’t have anything to eat. I look grouchy when I see everywhere dirty and untidy. Lets united and keep Earth clean.” - Rashida

  “I was worried about you. I wanted to make you a special place. I wanted everybody to make you beautiful. I will tell my friends that you are very special. If you are happy we will also be happy. Lets all care for animal and plants.” – Esther

  “ I am very worried about you. I want to help you so that the Earth would be a nice place. From your caring caring friend, “ - Precious