Election Day... waiting for results

We traveled from Accra back to Ho on Sunday, so we got to see the election process from the roadside in village after village. There are over 21,000 polling stations in the country, and as we passed each town and village, there were single file lines stretched far and wide of Ghanaians looking to cast their votes in a very close election. Cardboard box dividers stand near clear plastic boxes that the votes will be placed in. They use ink and their fingerprints to cast their votes here.  As we listened to the radio, we could hear the challenges of ballots not arriving in some areas, and other needs the broadcasters were looking to meet by responding to the callers. All and all, it was a very peaceful day. The observers from throughout the world, including some from The Carter Center, commented on how peaceful Ghana is. Since then, we have been waiting for the results. It is very close! Given some of the delay in the ballots, and the distance they have to travel to turn in the votes, it takes a while. We are told that 72 hours is usually when they hear. Monday is a holiday, so we spent most of the day organizing the film and preparing for the final week. It was very quiet around town and every radio was surrounded by folks listening to the returns. A couple of times there were cheers around town, as an area would report positively according to their preferences.

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