First Day of School- EVER




We celebrated, one year ago this week, the grand opening of the Computer Lab at E.P. Primary in Ho-Bankoe.  We reflect now, surrounded by the teachers, on that day of jubilation made possible by the collaborative efforts of a community. A KG teacher approaches us, as our meeting ends, and she shares that there are two new boys in uniform who claim that we are helping with their fees. They are the second and third recipients of the Vida Oyiadzo Scholarship. We smile and with an extra bounce in our steps, head excitedly over to the darkened corner of the compound where the KG kids are sheltered under the shade of trees.


Two lights beam a golden pathway – Godfred and Angel in uniform. Joy oozes from our very being to see them finally here, and we are like proud parents this morning: full of hope.  The boys look equally proud, excited, and eager for undoubtedly they have heard – since they are always within ear shot around the family’s home – the many conversations which have transpired over the last month with the goal of getting them into school. Today is great day!


Now we hear their footsteps before we can see them walk down the hill past our house, cast in golden, early morning light.  They usually leave a couple of hours before school starts; we are still easing into the day at this time, drinking our first cup of coffee. We greet them ourselves many mornings, and they share their already improved greetings (we are so excited by the progress that we’ve noticed in just one week’s time).  We watch them disappear amongst overgrown grass and maize, topped with tassels, as they merrily descend down sandy paths down the hill, on their way to school!!