Got Joy?


Come enrich, inspire and be joyful connecting children globally. We are currently seeking volunteers for the Fall Trip to Ghana. Dates are flexible toward the end of October and beginning of November, for two weeks. Please contact Amy if you are interested at

On my refrigerator I have some photos of me and the kids at recess. I have not seen a smile on my face as big as that since I was a kid myself. Whenever I see that photo, I thank the children for sharing their light and love and for showing me light and love too. Recess rocks! -Christie Cramer, CIH Trip Leader 2012, Volunteer US & Ghana 2010

The students in Ghana are the embodiment of pure joy. And volunteering with CIH has been an experience that brings that level of joy to me whether working in the classrooms here in the U.S. connecting the children or running freely with the Ghanaian children during recess in a dusty schoolyard. My humanity has been expanded and I know that the thousands of children who have been part of the programs have expanded in similar ways. CIH has developed a simple formula, a basic exchange between cultures and classrooms. But add in the impact of film and the integrity of the organization and it’s volunteers and you have a revolutionary grassroots campaign that imbues the hearts and minds of our future generations with a personal understanding of global connectedness. The exchange of projects that seems so simple, a drawing, a letter, a song have the power to carry the spirit of peace and kindness across the waters of our worlds. Each one of us really does have the power to make a positive change and none of us knows the global potential our efforts may have but the students of CIH are given an intrinsic understanding of what that power means and how to put it into action. I am proud to support CIH in their pursuit to reawaken and reinforce the basic human values in the world’s children that truly can make a difference. - Ann McGinley, US & Ghana Volunteer, 2009-2010