Green With Envy

A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.
- Irish Proverb -

It has been a while since we have updated the blog, and as usual, that is due to a flurry of activity to start 2013. The final exchanges from Fall commenced in three cities, while preparations for the one under way in Ghana began and completed in all 5 U.S. cities.  We have been out to the Colorado schools where flurries and -5 degrees Fahrenheit started one of the mornings. Brrrr. As we write this, Kathee and Leslie can only dream of a frozen flake, as they remind me in their call, as they have everyday this week, IT IS HOT IN GHANA!! Power outages have been a regular occurrence in their first week, low water pressure on top of that, and the contrast magnified from having left a snowy Asheville for Leslie and landing in humid 90F plus degrees. Sundays are slow in Ghana, and afford time to rest and reflect on a 6,000 plus mile journey across the globe. They often are our favorite times to soak in, and begin to assimilate all that transpires between these children, and cultures. We attempt to poetically find words that would infuse the power of what happens each day, this knowingness, into those across the pond. We have spent the day reading and editing about their week to share with you. Maybe it is the green surrounding Savannah today with St. Patrick’s Day weekend, or honestly, the tinge of envy for what they are experiencing- heart and mind and soul. Their hearts are open wide receiving all the love the beautiful children share so freely.

Stepping away from our everyday lives, and the routine nature that most of us live by, your senses are awakened and the world seems anew. As our 11th exchange has gotten under way this week, we get to reflect through new lens our common humanity. As we Celebrate Our Natural World, we are reminded of the beauty and preciousness of this island Earth we all share. The blogs that precede this and follow this are their journey. Enjoy the vicarious trip!