A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart.” -Antonie de Saint Exupery

On any given day, as you pass Beauty’s P3 classroom, singing is drifting out of the open-air windows uplifting any passer by. We always love sharing projects in this room, as an impromptu concert is always in order. These little ones absolutely loved the Heart Mural from Mrs. Browning’s 3rd graders at HIES in Atlanta. They particularly loved making smaller hearts to go within the larger ones in expressing how they care for one another.

Handprints have been a theme throughout this exchange, although how they are collectively put together has varied. Red Sandstone Elementary sent a Tree of Peace, covered in hands and peace signs with beautiful unique messages on each one of them. Your new friends in Aurelia’s class loved making their own, and they are sending back their individual messages on posters of talking drums and a vehicle- peace through communication. They used their scraps from the paper to make snow, creating a beautiful class photo. Our photographer Steve Chinn, native to Colorado, shared this gem of an idea. You all will love seeing this African snow!

Dr. Painter’s 3rd graders at CT Walker Magnet School sent a wreath of handprints, each with definitions of friendship on them. Quellan, Savannah and Timothy share- “Friendship means to me when you need help a friend comes to rescue.” “Friendship is two people that care about each other,” “ To be a good friend means to help others anytime, any place and at any cost.” Your new friends in Lenna’s P2 classroom are sharing their Ewe words for friendship, love, hope, togetherness and unity.

Your hands and hearts have reached across the ocean, leaving loving imprints in the hearts and minds of your friends.