Joyous Beginings

We are under way with Galloway! As we began our connections as EP Primary Ho Bankoe, we are immediately reconnected to rhythm of joy and the power of these exchanges. Mr. Boswell and Mrs. Starkman’s 6th graders at the Galloway School scrapbooks were a huge hit. The entire class stood and sang, “When I grow older/ I will be stronger/ they’ll call me freedom/ just like a waving flag… in response to their friends Alden, Ben , Gus, and Wyeth singing this as part of the project. The freedom of expression given to this class enabled all of them to engage with their talents and hearts in sharing their paths to peace. A choice of video trumped cameras. Many songs were sung in the sunny schoolyard under shaded tress. A play was acted out. Girls peacefully weaved colored yarns in a variety of friendship bracelets, others focused intensely on filling the colored paper with images of friendship and love.

Vail Mountain School 6th graders sent a Peace Heart Puzzle, extending their message that we each have our own piece in creating a more peaceful world for us all, and when we all fit what an amazing thing we can create. Pair by pair, they put the colorful pieces together, as others were underway in returning letters. One of the students asked if he could take the photo of his friend’s in Vail to photocopy. Dzidor, dzidor, dzidor! The class photo is worth more than our words, or thousand words, could describe!

During second break today, the entire school was gathered in the schoolyard surrounding a drum and students dancing for their positions on the cultural dance group preparing for the Celebration next week. As we were completing our opening circle in P4A, two students joined us that made the cut. Students were excited about their new popsicle bookmarks sent from Dr. Connor’s 3rd graders at St. Andrew’s School. Since there were not enough for each student, we were going to tie them together like paper dolls to hang for all to see. Ms. Anita shared, “When the library is ready, they can take them with them when they go to read!”

Joy has filled our first couple of days on campuses! There is a ton of excited anticipation and preparation underway for the Donation Celebration next Tuesday of the computer lab and library. We will continue to share the joy as the days continue to unfold. You are with us in our hearts as we share the goodwill from the children in America.

Fall Exchange 2010admin