Just Add Water


Let the rain come down and wash away my tears

Let it fill my soul and drown my fears…

Let it shatter the walls for a new sun… a new day has come

-Celine Dion


The rainy season is an extended guest this year – a welcomed visitor, as far as we are concerned because it alleviates the oppressiveness of the heat and humidity.  Soft rains fall this early morning and showers continue as we make our way to school.  It is a cloudy day, but we are ready to share stories and to find sunlight in the eyes of the students.


What we find, however, are tears mixing with the rain.  Several students at EP Sokode-Bagble P5 class disclose details about losing a parent, as part of sharing family stories with Red Sandstone Elementary students.  We are not always aware of these intimate details that lurk below the surface, especially in a culture where the predominant feeling is fine.  The theme of sharing stories has opened a doorway to immeasurable emotions often held below the surface. It is obvious that it is cathartic for these children to share their stories in our atmosphere of support; we freely spread encouragement and praise.  We are touched when this class’ new teacher, Dorothy, also shows compassion, allowing the students to speak and write openly what is in their hearts this day.  This unique display of concern and kindness from a teacher to a student is therapeutic for us and finally hearing their personal narratives through their own authentic voices is refreshing – these are the snippets of light and beauty that we were looking for among the heaviness of the clouds.


The leaders group at EP Primary Ho-Bankoe got to work on their watercolors, and sharing all the things they see which make ours a wonderful world.  The beauty that fills their multi-faceted souls illuminated and expanded with water.  Long lines of students face each other, crouched on their knees along a hard concrete floor, as pages are filled with brightness, washing away the weight of the morning.  A small group toward the open doorway sings the lyrics to “What a Wonderful World”, quietly, elongating the light streaming through this doorway.


We have our first Vida Oyiadzo Scholarship Committee meeting during afternoon break.  We speak about the challenges before so many of the students in the community. The committee members are so grateful to hear of the support that will help to shatter the walls that stand before the bright futures of so many struggling students.  As we work toward solutions together, we call forth the angels to come and guide us.  Aurelia, the new Head filling Vida’s absence, speaks strongly in repeat, “Send forth your angels to Earth to come and guide us.”  Tears well up in a teacher’s eyes, overwhelmed by both the need and the gratitude.


We continue to navigate rough emotional waters, amongst teachers and students alike.  Sometimes we are their angels… sometimes they are ours.  As storm clouds clear giving way to color filled skies, the sun sets on another Ghanaian day.  Our resolve remains as strong as the African sun that is sure to rise, strong and breathtakingly beautiful, again tomorrow.