Message in a Bottle

Without a sense of caring, their can be no sense of community. – Anthony J. De-Angelo

Recycled plastic bottles, made into a sculpture of fish, made their way across the ocean into RC Mixed Primary this Friday from Galloway School in Atlanta, Georgia. The bottles are colorfully decorated and filled with messages and facts about water issues worldwide. The students’ eyes open wide seeing the colorful bottles, and excitement fills the room to share the messages in the bottles that have come from across the sea. They are eager to also color and return messages.

As the scorching sun continues to penetrate these dark rooms, sun catcher globes from Riverside Middle School illuminate colorful messages of our parts to play in caring for Earth. Students share their own commitments to making a difference, one drop at a time. The students love working with the materials and their own ways of caring for the global community. One Ghanaian students shares, “I can protect the Earth because of you.” He has learned from his American friends the importance of protecting water, and this has made a difference!

This week began and ended with marching. On Sunday, there was marching at NEFPAC grounds in celebration of Ghana’s 54th Independence Day. This Friday, many teachers are peacefully marching as their pay has recently been delayed. When they did receive it, over two weeks late, it was reduced. Teachers nationwide are on strike today, some expressing their views in the streets to be heard.