Nava Kaba

Nava kaba. You hear this as you are leaving for the day, or for the long journey home. It is much like, go with the flow and we will see you later. Depending on the flow of the river, you may return quickly, or slowly, but either way- you have come at the right time. It is fine, as our Ghanaian friends remind us. Fine.

We have spent the final days gathering all of the projects, using a coal burning box iron for Mrs. Dimenstein’s HIES 3rd grade class mural, collecting bags from seamstresses for fundraising, and preparing for when we return in March. There was tremendous pride seen in the eyes of the teachers and children as they passed on their completed projects for their friends in America.

Our Ghanaian community has a tremendous spirit that we have been honored to be a part of for that last month. The gracious collaboration and goodwill has been a blessing we will keep with us as we journey back to America. Akpe kaka to Ghana volunteer Delali Kelvin Abba for your thoughtful and untiring service to the children and mission of Children Inspiring Hope.

Our very final hours were spent celebrating and reflecting- among friends, volunteers, and schools. Two closing assemblies were held to mark our departure, full of borborbor dancing and singing in celebration of a job edze agbagba (well done) and celebration of the connection between these three cultures. These are the parting words from one of EP Primary students that are a true reflection of what we have felt. Rejoice wrote, “Dear Sis Amy, We thank you for coming and making us happy. We love you and we hope to see you soon. “