One Connection Can...



Change the world…one child at a time. For the last three weeks, we have witnessed first hand the power of connecting children globally. We watch hearts and minds expand, sometimes quietly, and other times in bursts, as they are connected to new ideas and empowered by learning new skills. Fundamentally, CIH is about empowerment. We know these children have within them the compassion and creativity to create a more sustainable and harmonious world. It is in the fiber of their make-up.


Our role is to ignite their own fires, keep them burning, and remind them how very powerful they are! By these children recognizing their own unique gifts, and helping them to share these gifts across the globe, we all are enlightened. We invite you to consider supporting us in our annual campaign to continue to make these exchanges possible.


$25 sponsors one connection

$50 sponsors a connection between US and Ghana Children Inspiring Hope

$100 sponsors two children for a year

$2,000 sponsors an entire class


It takes so little to make a difference in this world! Thank you for your generosity.