Paths to Peace: Creating Peace Through....

How lovely to think no one need wait a moment, we can start now, start slowly changing the world.” – Anne Frank We love the beginning of the school year! Bringing on new partners, meeting new teachers and students, preparing new international volunteers, and all the rich possibility being formed on its way to bursting joy and gratitude! Our theme this exchange is “Paths to Peace: Creating Peace Through _____ .” The students will be filling in the blank, offering their new friends in Ghana, Canada, the United States and all of us their gifts and inspiration.

One of Children Inspiring Hope’s paths to peace is partnership. For Seth Owusu, Founder of EVCOAfrica, bridging a digital divide and creating opportunity through computer labs, mitigating urban migration from villages, is his path. We have the distinct privilege of knowing Seth as a friend, and part of our trip to Ghana will be the installation of a computer lab- 12 desktops and a laptop -in EP Primary Ho-Bankoe. Oh the anticipation for the joyous donation ceremony and training workshops!

Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunnus was in town last week. His path to peace is through social business and offering hundreds of millions of micro loans-monthly- most of which are $200 or less. He has a new project in Ghana supporting the harvesters and creators of shea butter. His earth walk has contributed to millions climbing out of extreme poverty from a hand up not a hand out. We are honored to have met Yunnus; inspiring is not a large enough word to embody the role model he is in shifting paradigms and the world.

We will walk many connected paths this school year with thousands of children, teachers, volunteers and inspiring partners like Seth! Can you feel the excitement and possibility? We have started another year of changing the world and invite you to share this with us. Why wait another moment? There are many ways to help connect children globally, making a world of difference!