Peace Making

We are enjoying a quiet Saturday, to plan for the full week ahead of us and ensure that we fit in all of the projects. After breakfast this morning, we greeted a Father from the church affiliated with R.C. Mixed Primary that happened to be on the grounds here. I reminded him that we are the painters, as that is how he remembered us from our first visit from having painted a children's playroom at Ho Municipal Hospital's Children's Ward.  I shared that we are working with R.C. again already. He added, "You are Peace making. Pray for us." We are indeed doing that, on many levels. A student yesterday, in addition to writing his letter to his new friend at Oglethorpe Charter School, drew a picture with a title "Peace and Love." We are making peace with the pace, as yesterday I spent 45 minutes in line at the bank to exchange- there were 30 people ahead of me in line. I returned to address an unannounced impending room change and was informed that the hotel will not take credit cards. We waited nearly an hour for dinner last night. This morning we were awakend by a loud knock on the door, we had to move rooms- immediately- but will move back again tomorrow. I have spent nearly 3 hours uploading 10 pictures to the blog, and will make peace that this is enough for today.

Amidst some of the challenges that are intrinsic to traveling in a developing nation, we are crystal clear on focusing on the positive impact of developing friendships, peace and a global community of children connected through their heart space.

Fall Exchange 2008admin