Raising the Roof

On our way home today we passed EP Primary and could not believe our eyes! We immediately turned the vehicle around to get a closer look. You have to see it to believe it- the roof was raised today for the future computer lab and library!! Only a few months ago this was the canteen, and we were discussing the collaboration possibilities with EVCOAfrica and EP Primary Ho-Bankoe.

The cracked stones that were used in the foundation, and those that will lay the walk way, arrive each day brought in small bags by the students. Each student’s family has contributed to this building, and all of the teachers, PTA and elders of Elorm EP Parish & EP Primary Ho-Bankoe are involved. This is their part of the collaboration. Children Inspiring Hope and EVCOAfrica will share in their part when the books and computer installation occurs.

The speed at which this is occurring is significantly beyond what is normally witnessed in this community, and is a true testament to a community honoring the opportunity brought forth to create a better future for thousands of students to come. We are soooo excited to share this progress, and look forward with great anticipation to the great days before us!