Reaching For The Sky

We returned to complete with EP Sokode-Bagble today. Christie got the kids elated by turning the banner into a parachute of sorts. The kids loved having their hands painted, and went back for seconds and thirds in creating their mural. The P6 students could be heard singing and drumming, practicing for the break dance as their exchange with Cliff Valley School 5th graders. The entire school spilled into the shaded schoolyard for break, and these children continued their dancing for the third hour straight. The volunteers joined in at the end, and it was a celebration of a successful exchange and joy shared by all.

At RCM on Friday, Red Sandstone Elementary School’s literal Path to Peace brightened a room and a new teacher to our project, Helen. The students created a similar path in return, creating a tree adorned with handprints of messages of hope and friendship- reaching for the sky. Next door, Galloway’s tree- strikingly like the baobab tree- offered guidepost for this new class in brainstorming and working together. They worked shoulder to shoulder on this hot afternoon, enjoying the spreading of pastels and sharing of ideas.

We closed this week with the leaders at JSS 1, completing their pages to return to Paideia. The students choose to be a part of this, and skipped the soccer match taking place in the schoolyard- although rising with the roaring crowd outside when goals were scored. Christie and Kathee will take to the skies this Sunday, as the rest of the team will complete our final week in this exchange. Thank you for your soaring spirits and helping these children continue to connect globally.