Reconnections- Exchange 18 Near Completion

reconnection-montage Of all our interactions in the classrooms, the reconnection in the US after the first exchange of the school year is always a favorite. The students move from the conceptual idea of their artwork being in the hands of others across the globe, to seeing it in our short documentary videos. Mouths hang open, eyes sparkle and widen, and excitement builds to a crescendo when they each hold a piece of art created by a child in Ghana, West Africa. As they begin to soak in and share the artwork, positive comments abound about how beautiful the art is, what good artists the kids are, and how neat their handwriting is. Ghana no longer exists solely as a place on the map; it becomes the residence of a new friend. The exchange opens a unique pathway in their minds and hearts. The students see their shared humanity and they begin to look at their world through new lens and with a deepened understanding because of the newly discovered context for comparison and reflection. The soil is richer after this first exchange, with new invisible threads of connection, and opens new avenues for exploration in the new year.