Special Delivery

Photo Dec 11, 10 01 25 AM photo photo_1 We began our reconnections in the US last Friday, returning postcards to CT Walker Magnet School in Augusta from EP Primary Sokode-Bagble in Ghana. As always, Ms. Evan’s third graders had an insatiable curiosity, keeping us in the classroom nearly double the allotted time. As they passed around the postcards, sharing with each other, the questions then began. These simple notes, sharing the most basic things between them- siblings, school and celebrations- evoked deeper questions and connections. The questions lead to compassionate desires to make a difference. They were shocked to learn how little it takes to go to school- by American standards- and how many children in Ghana are unable to. They quickly determined their bake sale income should go to supporting kids go to school!

Today, letters in colorfully died envelopes were delivered to Cliff Valley School 4th graders. Once again, we witnessed the power of connection and joy spread the room as they read their letters and glimpsed at the photos of their friends from EP Primary Ho-Bankoe. Smiles spread wide seeing more videos of celebrations, a computer donation, and the fairly bare shelves of the library for this school of 600 students. Their questions began wondering about the open-air classrooms, and noise levels. They immediately looked for solutions. Well, we can send them an air conditioner, one student responded. Angela explained that an air conditioner was one expense, but then there would be the regular electric bill. Not satisfied with this dead end, they recommended solar panels. We love their green solutions, albeit expensive ones. In the end, they decided they wanted to head up a book collection, and will the shelves further with stories for their friends.

Young minds, connected through simple postcards and letters, searching for solutions to share with their new friends. We think both classes would have kept us most of the day, if we let them. As you can imagine, they are VERY excited about reconnecting in the Spring.