Students Helping Students

 Lives of service, require lives of support. -Unknown We are moving into reflection mode as the 13-14 school year comes to a close. As we read through the students surveys, we are once again struck by the power of these connections, and the affirmations of our mission accomplished. Creating a deepened social consciousness and compassionate global citizens is fun for all of us- students, teachers, facilitators and volunteers alike. The process, and the outcomes, are meaningful.

Dov Wallak is an example of how these connections often lead to service beyond the exchanges. When asked to complete an action project this spring, he choose our scholarship fund- specifically Fred- to put his efforts into. We love that he has offered his services at home, and to neighbors, in exchange for donations to support Fred. While the school project part has closed, he remains committed to continuing to raise these funds. His goal is to get Fred through his final 3 years of Senior Secondary. At the current exchange rate, that would be $1,500. To date, Dov has raised $300, so he is 20% to his goal.

Below are Dov's words for his choice of this project. If you would like to support his efforts, just click here to make a donation, and mark in the comments section that the donation is in support of Dov's campaign to fund Fred's education.




I'm trying to help fund the education of Fred, a high school student in Ghana.

My class at the Paideia School in Atlanta, Georgia, participates in an exchange program with students in Ghana through an organization called Children Inspiring Hope. Once each semester, we trade cards and gifts with students our age. Through this exchange, I’ve learned to appreciate the differences in our cultures, and at the same time, I’ve learned that no matter what our situations, we all have the same dreams.

Through the Children Inspiring Hope exchange program, I met Fred. Fred lost his parents and without school tuition raised by donors, he will not be able to continue his education. Like me, Fred has dreams and goals, but I have the opportunity for education that he does not have. Fred is smart and capable of doing great things. I want Fred to have the same opportunity for education that I have. Education will open many doors for Fred he would not otherwise have in his life.

That’s why I’m raising money to fund Fred’s education in Ghana. At the current exchange rate, $1500 will pay for the rest of Fred’s high school education. Please help Fred by donating whatever you can to this cause. Any amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.