Summit Charter School

May 13th & 22nd

We took two final trips to Summit Charter School in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The students here have recently relocated to these new schools grounds, with vistas of the hills they walked and did a trash clean up to share, a lesson they captured on video, to share in valleys on another continent. The 2nd graders could hardly contain themselves as they watched the video of their mosaics being shared with Mrs. Beauty’s class at EP Primary in Ho. There were continual outbursts of joy, with identifying their own artwork, as a group it was a constant stream of excitement. They were especially overjoyed to see the songs about Kofi the Farmer sung and acted out!

While much more contained, the impact was also noted by the 7th graders that just joined in this exchange, and the 8th graders whom now twice have offered an art experience that the Prince of Peace boarding students. They appeared most moved by the excitement of the Ghana students to have the freedom to create and share with the materials.

Thank you Ms. Leslie Rosenberg and Mrs. Laurie Amerson for your creative spirits and open hearts to bridging these kids this year.