Tell Us A Story

People create stories create people; or rather stories create people create stories. -Chinua Achebe

What did you do this summer, and who did you become because of it? Did you run through sprinklers, giggling as cool drops cooled the summer heat? Did you linger past dark playing with neighborhood friends and visitors guided home by lightening bugs? Did your toes touch the sand or sea? Did you lie in the grass and see what pictures there were in the clouds? Did darkened skies and rolling thunder enchant and transport you indoors to read stories? Did you reconnect with old friends and family, or make new friends? Did you watch gardens and flowers grow and bloom greeted by winged butterflies and birds?

Summertime is rich with stories. Stories created on hot days providing warm memories that become a part of who we are. Stories that will be shared at the dinner tables; do you remember the summer we…

As a new school year begins, we are filled with excitement to be reconnecting with all the amazing children who are creating a new story for our world. Our stories might have different settings, with different characters, yet we have all just been connected to the season of summer. Everyone has a story.

Next week we reengage in the US classrooms. We will be exploring the roots of our understanding and interconnectedness this year, beginning with stories. Tell us a story– “One World, Many Stories.”

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