The Intangibles

It is easy to account for the tangibles in our growth and success – we have statistics about the numbers served, pictures of a new computer lab, and positive report cards from our scholarship recipients – but it is far more difficult to measure, and to convey, the intangibles.  What Children Inspiring Hope accomplishes is verified in our students’ surveys, year-after-year.  We create the opportunity, through an exchange of projects and ideas, for students to connect globally. They resoundingly share that they feel more like compassionate global citizens.

The intangibles are the little things that make a big difference over time.  As Thea so eloquently shared at our Faces of Hope event, “A little piece of me is there, and I have a little piece of Ghana here, with a letter from Jennifer.”  She then admitted to hoarding a few more than her fair share of letters.  Her enthusiasm, her honesty, and her passion were endearing.  We honor her heartfelt words, and her ability to convey the intangibles with such conviction.  She helped others to see how the world opens up for our participants. She shared how powerful and moving it was for her to see her own classmates go from mundanely working on a regular classroom activity, to giving their heart and soul, collaboratively, to a project for CIH.


Tears welled up in the eyes of many supporters as Thea spoke.  And while, it’s hard to quantify the power of reaching a heart – or, of inspiring a conversation among parents about what they can do to raise children who see this bigger picture, much like Thea does – we know that it is the power of the intangibles which inspire us the most.

We are a relationship building organization. We are connectors. The connections we make through our exchanges make a difference because they shape and mold our hearts over time. The intangibles help us to become more peaceful, understanding and compassionate citizens of the world… one relationship at a time.

Thea, thank you for sharing your thoughts with such emotion and energy; your words were inspiring.  Thank you to everyone who came out to the Spruill Gallery in Atlanta to celebrate our 5 years and all of the intangible moments therein.  We are grateful, as always, for your support.