The Love, Unity & Peace Parties

Today was one of the fullest days we have had, full of new students, excitement and the realization that 1,000 Ghanaian children have been connected since our arrival . We started the day at RC Girls Primary School, a new school for Children Inspiring Hope. We are here to share Brownie Troup 27405's Songs, and they assemble all 200 girls in one room, overflowing draped in the windows.

They open with a short play about the upcoming presidential election. They have three parties that come to the village, seeking permission from the Queen mother to share of their platforms. We smile and laugh as the play unfolds,  a bell is rung in the village announcing the arrival, one at a time, of the three parties- the Love Party, the Unity Party, and the Peace Party. Their platforms include education for all children, healthcare, business assistance, better roads, clean and peace initiatives. Some tension arises between two of the candidates, and then they conclude by talking of the oneness of the people, and the importance to move forward together in peace for the love of their motherland and each other. I have tears going down my face at the beauty of it all… and the HOPE, this is what we are here for, this is what the children are teaching and singing… a call that rings out through our world for peace.

So after this, we share the Brownie’s Songs projected on the walls. They need to hear it a little slower and clearer, so much to our embarrassment Whitney and I do our best and sing the songs for this room full of students and teachers. We do this several times, sure to make the bloopers reel... As the others join in, laughter and songs fill the room. Make new friends, and keep the old… Brownie Troup you have 200 new friends!

We move onto to RC Mixed Primary to further pass on the letters from Oglethorpe Charter School. The individual book from the girls is a highlight for them today, and the mural with the Georgia State flag on it. The kids are focused seriously on their letters again, while the beautiful scrapbook and photos circulate the room.

For our lunch break we deliver the medical supplies from MedShare International. The nurses are very excited to receive the support. We set aside some of the supplies directly for the Children’s Ward and Maternity. When I was first here, I witnessed shaking nurses drawing blood without gloves. MedShare serves an incredible environmental and medical mission. We are working toward getting an entire container here with supplies, which we can also place school supplies and computers on. We encourage you to go to to see the life saving work they are doing.

We worked further with EP Primary and started printing the photos for the index card letters to St. Andrews School. They were astonished to watch the photos print out. This is a slow process, so it will take a while to complete this. They also added colorful drawings to their cards. We informed them that they could take their letters home from their new friends, and excitement boarding on jubilation filled the room. As we walked home, we passed many of the students, reading their letters over and over…

One more important stop before we close this day, Eyram’s home. We have Dise with us, as I think she needs to be seen at a clinic. Dise can speak to them and comments on how bad the wound is and writes them a script for meds. He cleans it again, and advises that if there is no improvement soon they need to seek further treatment. We agree to follow up again in a couple of days when we return from the village. As it turns out, Eyram name means God has blessed me. We pray that she is blessed with healing.

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