The More We Are Together, The Happier We'll Be

We started the day going back to where it all began for Whitney in 2006, Prince of Peace. The letters for Stevens Creek Elementary School were completed today by putting the final touches of their handprints on the cards. It was a fun filled morning of the near equivalent of finger painting. The kids once again asked about taking the cards home, but seemed to settle in with hanging them on the back wall since there were not enough for each child.

Whitney’s original class created friendship bracelets for their friends at CT Walker Magnet School in Augusta.  A couple of the students wanted to make sure that their bracelets would make it to their friends, and carefully labeled their creations. We also passed on the World Peace Flame to them and the candles made by the teen group at Kate’s Club in Atlanta. They loved the candles, and each took a turn holding them.

Onto to EP Primary and the exchange with Holy Innocence 4th grade class. There are 37 students in the class you are being paired with Mrs. Brown, can you imagine! They loved seeing the video of the class, the colorful book, and especially the friendship bracelets. The class cheered several times for you all and closed with singing a song… “the more we are together, the happier we’ll be.” They danced around the room, smiling widely and nearly laughing, hugs were given in between stanzas. It was quite a site, all the adults dancing too- Aurelia, Nick, Whitney and myself- each surrounded by small groups of happy children having connected with their new friends in America.

This was a phenomenal close to a big week. Tomorrow is a national holiday, Farmer’s Day, so there is no school. We are traveling to Woe, an enchanting village on the coast and hope to capture the fishing village singing as they pull the nets in together.  The more we are together, together, together, the more we are together, the happier we’ll be…

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