The Rains in Africa

IMG_7412 IMG_7311 copy It takes rain to make a rainbow...

It isn’t often during our visits that it rains while school is in session when CIH is in Ghana. In fact, we can only remember 3 days where it rained. The rains are late this year, and it didn’t rain for two months during the time that is usually their rainy season. The farmers have taken a big hit due to this, and Kelvin shares they will be leaning on outside for some food before long. Fortunately, it is a soft rain and doesn’t disturb us much, outside of darkened classrooms and the cameras are acting up.


We begin in Dzidefo’s classroom, and celebrate with her on receiving the honor of 3rd best primary teacher in Ghana! Her students are attentive and engaged as we discuss paths to peace. They light up the darkened room as they receive the Holy Innocent’s Episcopal School 4th graders Peace Signs. In return, they color in an adinkra symbol which represents peace, to share cross-culturally.

IMG_7304 copy

We move next door, and share mandalas from Cliff Valley School 4th graders. Mandalas are a universal symbol representing wholeness and unity. Half of them have completed colorful filled circles on white paper, while the other half have filled black paper with pastels. We love being able to share options with the students here that include new materials. Interestingly enough, half of the class chooses the white paper, and the other half the use of pastels.

After school each day, we are checking in on our scholarship recipients. Today, we visit Eryam and her family. As we walk up, Eryam is helping her sister with Batik fabrics. Her sister is stirring the fabric covered in wax in a hot cauldron, and then Eryam is rinsing in cooler water. Her other sister is cooking dinner, and Koko- a very active young boy we have known since 2009 as well, is working on homework. There is development on the hillside, with potential roads encroaching, so the family is all in this place to hold the land that was passed down to them by their mother. Kelvin and John are amazing social workers, who share stories, getting everyone to laugh.