This World is Our World

As we entered the P5B classroom at EP Primary, guitar and lyrics in hand, we were mentally prepared for a challenging hour of teaching.  We had already given students the lyrics to Holy Innocents’ version of “This Land is Your Land” – re-written by Mrs. Ross’s 5th Grade classroom as “This World is Our World” – the week before, and to our surprise it was quickly apparent that they had been practicing.  Erin and Nicole played the song for the students so they could get an idea of how the tune sounded.  Within 10 minutes the kids were singing with gusto!  Some had even memorized the words by heart.  We were so impressed by their enthusiasm that we asked them if they would sing for the entire school at our final closing.  The entire class lit up at the chance to sing for their schoolmates!

The effect of the song was fully realized on our field trip last Friday.  Students from all over the school had learned the song by heart and treated it as if it were their own project.  It seems as though this is a growing trend because each time we return to the EP campus a new group of students starts singing it.  It is amazing how the vision and creativity of a class in Atlanta, Georgia has become part of the community in Ho, Ghana.