What life have you if you have not life together? There is no life that is not in community.” – T.S. Eliot

From the coast of Georgia, to the mountains of North Carolina, a common theme was spoken as we reconnected with the students in the US brining them their projects from their new friends in Ghana- togetherness. At St. Andrew’s School in Savannah, Olivia commented on how their counterparts in Ghana appeared to do everything together. It seems like they are together a lot and not alone. We discussed community, and the value of sharing a common path, together. At Ogelthorpe Charter School the next day, we paused the video to share the brainstorming list of their paths to peace in RC Mixed P6B. Eating together. Learning together. Playing together. Talking together. Being Together. Nearly every path mentioned included doing something together.

Summit Charter School started this chilled Friday morning, as every Friday, with their round up in the center of school. Students raised their hands to share concerns to be held in thought, or prayer, in a moment of silence. The student council students had a humorous fashion show or sorts, encouraging the students to bring in coats for the coat drive so others could be warm this winter. Laughter filled the 5th grade room as they watched the excitement of Prince of Peace 4th and 5th graders seeing their flipbooks. They were filled with joy knowing they had brought such joy to others. A child that had started his day in tears was laughing as hard as any in the room. We were invited to share a presentation to the 2nd graders, which just happened to be learning about Ghana today. We shared videos, beads and batik bags from Ghana. The students then got to create their own batik patterns in art class later. The 7th graders were also quite happy in seeing their projects held with pride by their new friends in JSS 1. They followed James lead in tying the friendship bracelets on their heads- a common bond of joy shared thousands of miles away.

Together we are stronger. Together we are more joyous. Together, we are one.