“I feel so lucky to be a part of this program to connect with you in Ghana. I hope you enjoy our artwork because we love you. Let’s find our path to peace together! " – Elana, 5th grader, Cliff Valley School Are you inspired by the quote above? We are. It is an example of the power of connecting children in a tangible way in talking about ideas, that together, we can find pathways and solutions for. These Cliff Valley 5th graders impressed us in their brainstorm at home, as their list was one of the most inclusive and diverse. Individually, they created stripes of art with their own messages of peace. Their intention, however, was for each unique message to weave together to make a more complete tapestry. Today, their message of togetherness is woven threw out this rainy day.


We move onto P6B, and share the mandalas created by 7th graders at St. Andrew’s School. These are some of the most creative projects we have to share this exchange, and several of them are on their way to the Nobel Laurette Summit Art Exhibit in Barcelona, Spain in November. These P6 veterans get straight to work, focused intently, and creating their own representations of peace, love and balance. We will return tomorrow for them to have more time to complete.


It is raining strongly by the time we reach the final class today, and the classroom is darkened. We share the amazing murals, collectively created by Red Sandstone Elementary School 5th graders. We are all astonished as we open them up, and see the beautiful wildlife, and colorful messages on recycled materials. The best artists are chosen to complete a mural, while all others are more than happy to use markers on their own pieces that will be tied together.


After school, Bella and Amy rush through market, as it is raining and the women with beautiful fabrics are already packing.  Bella stops to help women needing help lifting bowls on their heads, and we see her kindness and helpfulness extends to strangers. The fabrics are passed later in the evening to a tailor, Seth, whom will turn them into napkins to raise funds when home. After dinner, this long full day closes with a call with James in Spain, a former participant from St. Andrews School now a junior in college, working to get water in a couple of villages here. John shares the latest research and estimates, as well as next steps toward getting 1,500 people access to clean water. Our entire day is a reminder of what we can accomplish together, and how we need each other, in creating pathways to peace and beyond.