You Are Welcome To Ghana

If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. – African Proverb


You are welcome to Ghana,” we hear, not only on our arrival, but also with every new greeting we make. The normally teeming streets of Accra are quieter, as it is their long Independence Day weekend, and most of the city has headed to the villages. The Ghanaians are hospitable, and ever curious as to our journey to their land and what we bring. We bring, of course, the beautiful expressions and artwork from our classes in the United States. We also bring our goodwill and sincere desire to be a catalyst for bridging greater understanding in our world.

Our journey from Accra to Ho takes us out of a burgeoning city and into a lusher green environment. We pause at the Volta River for refreshments, and to take in the serene slow flow of the river. Before the sun sets, we are back at “Home sweet Ho”, greeted by old friends that gather for a family style meal courtesy of Constance.



The roosters awaken us before the sun rises on the beginning of our 13th exchange in Ghana. We are thrown right into a larger rhythm as our feet first step into the rocky schoolyard at EP Primary Ho-Bankoe. The entire school is assembled, standing together by class, singing. Carter and Trey scramble to ready their cameras and capture this for the new video they are creating. Amy walks to hug old friends, and Mimi and Kira soak it all in and capture our start for classes at home. This is the beginning of greeting nearly every classroom, on every campus we work with.

One of the songs floating through the school yard is "If your happy and you know it." Then the drumbeats are a welcoming message, sent earnestly by a focused student, and followed by the rejoicing of students. We are welcomed to Ghana.We are happy, and we know it!