20th Exchange underway


TWENTY! Next week, the CIH team will bridge students in the U.S. with students in Ghana for the 20th time. We certainly feel like this milestone is worthy of celebration, and hence chose the theme of Celebrations and Traditions of the World. We shared some about our origin, and the first projects, while also exploring with students the origins of our celebrations and traditions. The students shared, and reflected at home with family, their own traditions which they have created around celebrations.

No matter where you live in the world, all culutres celebrate. We decorate, light fires, give gifts, gather together, and as they sing- eat, drink and be merry.

Students created diverse projects, from maps with puzzle pieces in Savannah, Peace Flags in Colorado, or shared family traditions, and holdiay symbols reflecting kente cloth in Atlanta, to name a few. As we share in Ghana, and come back with photos and videos, students have the opportunity of comparative context to see deeper within their own culture and values, while also the shared humanity of the ways, and reasons, we celebrate life.

We are looking forward to celebrating the recent marriage of our Chief of Staff in Ghana, Kelvin to Laticia. We also look forward to having long-time partner teacher from Cliff Valley School, Eileen Stone, sharing the journey with us this time.