New School Year, New Service Projects


"Wishes don't change the world; it's actions that do the business!" - Ayivor

This fall, we will be conducting our 20th exchange! Our theme will be Celebrations and Traditions. In the Spring, we will return to one of the most important environmental issues of our time- Water. We are embarking on creating more opportunites for students,familes, and schools that want to take the next step with their knowledge and compassion to create positive social change.


We will continue to expand our scholarship program, giving students a Chance to Learn. Numbers coming soon on sponsorship categories: Lower Primary, Upper primary, JSS and SS- which will also include school supplies and uniforms.

We are also working on plans to complete school rooms. This summer, enginerring estimates were gathered, meetings conducted with elders and teachers, and next week- the Sokode-Bagble community as a whole, on creating Room to Grow- completing three classrooms. There have been over 50 students in a room. We will help give teachers room to teacher, and students room to grow! Details coming soon on our inital goal of $4,500 to get started, with breakdowns as low as $12.50 for a roofing sheet. Tangible giving, for tangible change.


Lastly, we have been in ongoing discussions in building collaborative alliances- cross-culutrally, and cross-discplines- working toward a solution to getting clean Water to Drink. After attending Rotary Internationl gathering in Atlanta this summer, and talking with their water experts, we determined we would immediately- our October trip- bring a temporary filter solution to each family. We will continue working on the longer-term solution of piping in a single source gathering pipe for clean water. Phase 1: Just $50 for a family to have clean water! If you are interested in being a part of our team, or supporting these service projects, please email Amy at

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