Trees & Forests of the World- 19th Exchange


As we drive from Accra to Ho in Ghana, we see a lush green landscape, covered in groves of mangos and avocados, palms and baobabs reaching above the groves, and many other trees filled with fruits. So much is in season for this exchange, and the nourishment that these provide is one of many offerings that we discussed as we explored the topic of Trees and Forests of the World. Teachers and students alike gained a deeper gratitude for the lungs of our planet, and the biodiversity that fills these incredible biomes. The most intriguing lesson outlined how certain fungi form intricate networks underground between trees; scientists have recently discovered that trees of different species send assistance and nutrition to any ailing trees that are connected through these hidden networks. We were struck that this scientific discovery relates so powerfully to the root of all of our lessons: everything is interconnected, and there is great value in diversity and there is strength when everyone works together for the betterment of all - be that a forest, or our human family.

The artwork shared in this exchange was among some of the finest. We look forward to sharing it along with positive messages as we reconnect with our U.S. classrooms in April and May. Visit our blog for more stories and images about our successful 19th exchange and the special treat of having a long time CIH Partner Teacher, Debbie Bolon-Feeney, with us.

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