Never doubt that a group of committed concerned citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever as.” -Margaret Mead

Electric energy filled the campus, we were swarmed by eager students as we arrived today with the books for the library and ready for celebration. The schoolyard was teeming with excited children with handmade ribbon corsages, all walking with an extra bounce in their step. The teachers were all dressed in their very finest. A primal beat of the drum could be heard throughout the schoolyard, streaming both from the chapel and behind closed doors were the cultural dancers were preparing.

Ribbons were being hung. Balloons were spread around the computer lab and within the chapel. Seth Owusu, Larbi and the EVCOAfrica team were making all of the final connections with the twelve desktop computers and laptop. Friends and dignitaries streamed in throughout the morning- Chiefs and Queen Mothers, Heads of Education, Pastors, Local Municipality Representatives, Heads of other schools, media and parents.

This was a day to celebrate and honor the power of what committed and concerned citizens can create, when working together, to benefit the children. After a two-hour assembly, the ribbon cutting was performed and all in attendance jubilantly circled through the new computer lab and library. Despite these economically uncertain and fragmented times, this global community, in partnership with EVCOAfrica and Children Inspiring Hope, through dedication accomplished a dream. Each moment of this day uplifted us all in the spirit of the very best that humanity has to offer. We will remember this day, always. Edge le nye jahm!