Putting the Pieces Together

“We are like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. We are all unique, and have our own special place in the puzzle of the universe. Without each of us, the puzzle is incomplete. ” - Rod Williams

All of the pieces are coming together, and we are thankful to have running water and power back! This blog brings us up to date on all the exchanges that have transpired so far, thank you for your patience. This afternoon, Rejoice’s P4 students put the pieces together of the beautiful puzzle map, each with HIES 4th graders path to peace, together in North America.

Cliff Valley 5th graders successfully lobbied to make a song and dance part of their project, in addition to handmade and reinvented games. The games actually encouraged children to share positive messages with each other, rather than taking pieces away. They changed the lyrics of Waka Waka for their friends at EP Sokode Bagble.

Coming together, a new beginning

We’re over here, you’re over there, but we still are sharing

We may be separate, but on the inside

We’re all the same, deep in our hearts, though we’re apart now

We can be friends, lets show it

Reach out your hand, I’ll take it…

I wish, I wish we could live in peace, each day long

I wish, I wish there was no disease and all were strong

Waka waka eh, eh Waka, eh, eh

I wish we were all together in Ghana, Africa!

The students were glued to the computer screen, and joy filled the room as they caught onto the games and thoughtful gestures were being shared. In the P4 classroom, some of the best brainstorming we have witnessed in discussion of Ntifafa, and for a class new to the project, they easily shared their own drawings to add the next chapter to Red Sandstone Elementary’s Peace Handbook.

The seed class for this project at Prince of Peace continues to amaze us with their growth, physically and academically. They were a little disappointed not to be connected to their friends form CT Walker that they have know since P2, but graciously transitioned to a new group of friends at Summit Charter School. They soaked in each page of the unique scrapbooks, learned ultimate Frisbee, delighted in using the disposable camera, and began filling their own pages with their unique messages of hope.

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