Give Us Five

Our day began with a radio interview with Volta Star 91.05. Vida Oyiadzo, Kelvin Abba and Amy Gaylor shared about our partnership with EVCOAfrica and further details about the computer lab donation and celebration. The local municipal assembly has agreed to provide the chairs for the computer lab. Davi Vida continues to radiate in pride for this accomplishment for her school. We were only able to get one photo off in the recording room before being instructed it was not allowed.

We moved onto class 5 projects at both RC Mixed and Prince of Peace. We continued with Peace Catchers from Riverside Middles School, before moving onto Prince of Peace. The students chose to work this project rather than participate in games. Some entered into the dark, and what felt like a oven-heated classroom, already drenched from being on the futbol field. The roar of a crowd was heard in the distant schoolyard, while unparalled to the awe stricken faces as we flipped the flipbooks from Summit Charter School’s 5th graders in Cashiers, North Carolina. The doorways and windows also were filled with a far share of spectators, equally as cheerful and filled with wonderment at these unique works of art. Video captured this afternoon far better than a photo can show. Many drawings were joyfully drawn in return, although few represent motion.

To say this week was full is an understatement. The hard work and collaboration of many will make a huge difference for thousands of children in the years to come. Thank you EVCOAfrica, Elorm parish, PTA, Teachers, Students and friends of Children Inspiring Hope for making it possible. Edge le nye jahm! TGIF!!