Keys to Success

I’m a very curious person and want the key to represent opening doors and learning new things about the world and each other." – Leah, Paideia

We followed the leaders Monday. We opened a new door at EP JSS with a familiar and excited group of JSS 1 students. They are excited to be reconnected with Children Inspiring Hope and a new group of friends from Paideia in Atlanta, Georgia. They loved all the pages filled with personal messages representing important things and items which bring each of Greg & Martha’s students peace. As Helen’s page was shared, the students erupted and cheered. We shared the journal with a student that already shared her pathway to peace was through stories. They were eager to place on bracelets, play with the baseballs, tennis balls and frisbe. The last item was Jordon’s, having seen a glimpse of the dollar bill, naturally every student also wanted this one. We did a two-part question to determine who would become connected. Linda burst into tears of being overwhelmed at being the winner, and receiving Jordon’s page. They delighted in taking their photos, and are looking forward to hearing the songs put together by Adam when we return at the end of the week to complete the project.

Seth Owusu with EVCOAfrica and Amy Gaylor with Children Inspiring Hope began very early Tuesday on Ghana TV with the Breakfast Show that airs live. The celebration of EVCO’s 20th computer lab donation was shared, as well as the amazing RACHEL server that contains over 15,000 books. It was the first day Parliment was back in session, so the capital was buzzing and sirens could be heard from the President’s motorcade. An earlier guest, also NGO working in education, spoke about how this work is a calling rather than a career. Seth eloquently closed the interview, sharing what a privilege it is to be of service to the communities he has worked with. He has opened doors- and hearts- to the world for ten of thousands. The CIH and EVCO teams shared last weekend together in Seth’s home village, Obomeng-Kwahu, and had the privilege of meeting his mother and over 102 year old grandmother.