Cliff Valley School

How did you learn in school today, and who are you now?” An international leader in education, Stephanie Pace Marshall, posits that we ask this question of our children, rather than simply, “What did you learn in school today?”

The Cliff Valley 4th graders learned from their heart spaces today as they saw their creative expressions mounted on the walls in a classroom in Sokode-Bagble, Ghana. Jennifer held her hand over her heart as she watched the video of the students she is now connected to, next to her- with tears in her eyes- is Ms. Peters, their art teacher. The creative genius of their “Go Blue” theme encouraged genuine dialogue about protection of the rivers and streams in Ghana. The entire class resoundingly cheered at the end of our time, as if at a pep rally, that they wanted to remain connected and reconnect with this class next school year. Who are they now? I believe all of you are inspirations and cartographers creating new maps for a more harmonious future in human relations and our environment. Thank you Mrs. Kate Sidorski and Ms. Kathy Peters for creating such an open and welcoming space for these kids to speak from their hearts and join together by a shared learning purpose.